Unprocessed goals…

Cinnamon rolls are the decadent “side” order at a local restaurant. We, in our older age, choose to take them home for a rainy day treat. An unprocessed food diet is more and more our norm. This led me to wonder if birds, in this case as Sparrow, might have some of the same bad side effects as humans from overly processed foods. This Sparrow was snacking on a left-over cinnamon roll at a nearby table. It turns out that, yes, birds can suffer diabetes, heart disease, and liver disease, just like humans when their diet is too high in fats and sugars and salt. Our lesson is to stick to feeding wild bird food seeds (unsalted) when out in the park. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
On another note artificial sweeteners are bad for dogs; less so for birds. One of our favorite restaurants in Florida had to put their packets of artificial sweeteners in a box because the Crows kept stealing them and eating the contents while resting on a nearby car. Their sugar was in a glass shaker; so not accessible by birds. It looks like the cinnamon rolls here are enough of a sugar treat that the Sparrow doesn’t need to raid the sweeteners. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg

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