Uniquenesses among us…

We are many. We are connected by birth, by neighborhood, by religions, by culture, by interests, by talents, by passions. Yet we are each unique and a valued gift to all of us. Often many are unappreciated for their unique gifts. Today as I celebrate the Fourth of July I cannot NOT embrace the wondrous uniquenesses of my family members, friends and EVERYONE I pass on the streets and byways every single day. Life is richer for our diversities. Life is more meaningful as we share experiences and perspectives. And our diversity is strength when we realize the commonalities of thoughts and beliefs while we celebrate each of our uniquenesses. Hug yourself and each other today. Enjoy today and know that tomorrow’s generations will be even more diverse and unique with their own gifts that are unimaginable for us today. Copyright 2019 Pamela Breitberg

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