Learning from the past and others…

A joy of writing this blog is that I am continually learning and refreshing my knowledge. Earlier this year I posted images of the leaves of this plant noting the peculiar growth of the stems through leaf centers growing in Lincoln Park (Chicago). Now I find in my files these images of Honeysuckles (Lonicera) blooming along a gated garden of a nearby home. I also acknowledge here that my sister was quick to recognize the Honeysuckle vine from my original post. Now to see how long I remember it’s identity! Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Honeysuckle is both a native to North America as well as Eurasia. This means that the native plants are “well behaved” and share space well while the Eurasian varieties are more aggresive and weedy. Some are edible by humans and some are only delicacies of bird and wildlife. Ah, such is nature. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg


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