Asters dominate in autumn…

White and Purple Asters dominate the prairielands adjacent to Montrose Harbor. This prairie environment is recognized as one of several migratory bird sanctuaries in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Walking through a large prairie area in the heart of Chicago renews my soul and optimism every time I visit. Thank you Chicago for your care for both wildlife and persons. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Planners kindly included pathways through the migratory bird sanctuary at Montrose Harbor. Coopyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Native Purple Asters keep color in the prairie while most native perennials have gone to seed. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
White Asters with some Purple Asters in the background seem quite happy in this established prairie habitat. I have named specifically the species of these Asters as there are quite a few natives to Illinois. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg
Yes, Chicago is more than concrete and skyscrapers. Copyright 2020 Pamela Breitberg


  1. I, especially, love the lavender asters…..I cannot or do not know if their fragrance is lavender. Take a whiff for me!!!!!!! I think I have just decided to go to our arboretum)! Thanks for the whiff!!!!!Xoxo, Susie

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  2. I didn’t know about the bird sanctuary and prairie habitat at Montrose Harbor AND that Asters were a native plant! Thank you for Sharing your knowledge and nature beauty!!

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