Bold colors equal energy…

Subtropical climate lends itself to bright colors even in the art created for the outdoors. Here is a piece of a mural at Tacocraft in the quaint village of Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. Note that the shadow is purple, not black, continuing the bright color theme. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
The same mural as above captures a wind-blown beauty. The movement shown from her unkept locks brings energy, perhaps hoping to stimulate one’s appetite. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg
Around the corner, down the street this mural is on the wall at Mulligan’s Restaurant. Again movement in the ocean waves, swaying grasses, palms and birds-in-flight provide an energetic dining experience. One is stimulated to eat and drink more while here. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

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