Appearances deceive…

From a distance, Flowering Spurge (Euphorbia corolatta) appears to produce seas of small white flowers. Flowering Spurge is a prairie native in much of the U.S. Resilient and sustainable it is sometimes considered an invasive weed; but remember it was present long before settlements happened in the prairie lands. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
These are one of the showier Spurge; the small white flowers are actually white tissue surrounding teeny flowers inside of these white bracts similar to the red bracts of a Poinsettia “flower”.  Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
The sea of white is mesmerizing. Beware of touching this native; the plant can be an irritant to skin and eyes. So admire from a distance. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg
Named Flowering Spurge because of the large white flowering appearance provides only a clue that this plant is a Spurge. By definition, these are shrubs with tiny greenish flowers. Read more here. Copyright 2023 Pamela Breitberg


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