Sustainability is natural…

This large shady tree was rich with flowers and seeds. My eyes decieved me thinking I was looking at Maple-like seed pods above the flower clusters. In fact the long narrow things that differ from the tree’s larger heart-shaped leaves, are actually leaf-like bracts connected to the flower cluster. This feature makes identification of American Basswood clear. Read more about this great tree. Copyright 2022 Pamela Breitberg

Whenever I see a large proliferation of flower and/or seeds on a plant such as this American Basswood, I know that it’s future is almost ensured. With so many seeds being formed it will be almost impossible for this species to become extinct. I know sadly too that quite often a tree’s response to stress is to put out an abundance of seeds in hopes that future generations will continue the species. American Basswood make wonderful shade trees that can, under healthy environments live for a couple hundred years. We need to continue to care for all outdoor, natural environments to enjoy such majesty.

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